A brief summary and an analysis of the long awaited chnage in the chinese currency the yuan

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China Takes A Big Step Forward

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Chinese Yuan Already Rising on Report of Revaluation

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dollars, percent euros, percent pound sterling and percent yen. China Takes A Big Step Forward. announced that it would admit China's renminbi currency, commonly known as the yuan, to the select basket of reserve currencies that make up its Special Drawing. Based in New Jersey, Nathaniel Freire specializes in technical analysis with a twist of social sentiment and fundamental analysis.

You can follow Nathaniel on Twitter @Cryptocoinrun The technical setups posted below use simple trend detection, support and resistance, channels, pattern and candlestick analysis. Japan and the U.S. took action on June 17, a day after the yen plunged to a then eight-year low of to the dollar, because a weaker yen could prompt China to devalue its currency, the yuan, to keep its exports competitive.

China's central bank raised short-term interest rates on Thursday in what economists said was a bid to stave off capital outflows and keep the yuan currency stable after the Federal Reserve raised.


China's Forex Reserves Slip to 7-Month Low of $111 Trillion

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A brief summary and an analysis of the long awaited chnage in the chinese currency the yuan
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China's May FX Reserves Slip to Lowest in 7 Months as Dollar gains | jkaireland.com