An analysis of the approaches taken by malcom x and martin luther king jr in ending racism in united

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The Civil Rights Movement: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

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Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are two people ondifferent ends of the scales, with totally was brought up by. The Civil Rights Movement - The civil right movement refers to the reform movement in the United States beginning in the to led primarily by Blacks for outlawing racial discrimination against African-Americans to prove the civil rights of personal Black citizen.

Although Martin Luther King Jr. was known as a civil rights leader and Malcolm X as a black radical; both men became advocates for oppressed people all over the globe. King, for example, discussed how the Vietnamese people had experienced colonization and oppression when he expressed his opposition to the Vietnam War.

Malcolm X, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy Assassinations of the 's MLK launched a peaceful campaign against discrimination in what was known as the most segregated place in the country. Martin Luther King Jr.

and Malcolm X were both civil rights leaders during the s, but had different ideologies on how civil rights should be won.

Watch video · A half-century after their deaths, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X remain two of the world's most revered political activists.

They were both respected leaders of the American Civil Rights movement, struggling for racial equality and freedom.

An analysis of the approaches taken by malcom x and martin luther king jr in ending racism in united
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