An analysis of the policy to exclude women from direct ground combat

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May 15,  · Women In Combat: Obstacles Remain As Exclusion Policy Ends The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines must submit plans Wednesday for ending the policy that keeps women from serving in ground combat positions.

The move will open up more thanpositions in the military to them, but the change won't end questions about the role of women in the armed forces. Fact Sheet: Women in Service Review (WISR) Implementation The primary policy restricting the service of female members of the U.S.

Armed Forces was the Direct Ground Combat. Women in the Military: The Combat Exclusion Law - The question originally posed in the Combat Exclusion Law, regarding placement of females in combat, continues to be debated as women are placed in combat roles without adequate training (Sanchez, ).

to exclude women from ground close-combat roles indefinitely on the basis of the Secretary of State’s statement of 22 May and, following QC’s advice received by the Army Legal Service in Decemberagreed that a review during would be appropriate to.

Women in Combat: History and Future An analysis of the policy to exclude women from direct ground combat
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