Pest analysis on thorpe park

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Pest Analysis on Thorpe Park Essay Sample

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Pest Analysis On Thorpe Park

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Understanding Thorpe Park – macro and micro influences

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Quantitative Research PESTLE Analysis Applied to Thorpe Park Thorpe Park has used PESTLE analysis in; P- Political is government polices for example an imposition of tax.

E- economic is constraints agents Thorpe Park for example a recession. PEST analysis report for three leisure firms that operate in different sectors of the market Introduction We were asked to prepare a PEST analysis report for three leisure firms that operate in different sectors of the market.

Oct 10,  · PESTEL Analysis – Thorpe Park (Chloe, Andresa, Afisa, Min Fong, Aleksandra) Political Impact; Changes in the priorities of the public spending in the UK; E.g.

Recession; Thorpe park is the most expensive theme park amongst the top Thorpe Park SWOT analysis Posted on January 2, by John Dudovskiy Thorpe Park is one of the most popular theme parks in the UK and it belongs to Merlin Entertainments Group, the world’s second biggest visitor attraction operator with more than 30 million visitors annually and about 13, employees (Merlin Entertainment.

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Pest analysis on thorpe park
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Understanding Thorpe Park – macro and micro influences – thorpeparkinfographic