Survival percentage analysis of pistachio cultivars

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vera, provides important resources. SALINITY TOLERANCE IN TOMATO ABSTRACT: Growth and fruiting of five cultivars of tomato viz., Tropic, pearson, Monte Carlo, ACE and Strain B were studied at different salinity levels ranging between mM NaCl.

Effect of Temperature, Sugar and Vessel Closure of different Gypsophila cultivars has been developed by several researchers (Zamorano-Mendoza and Mejia-Munoz Survival percentage, healthy shoot percentage, num-ber of shoots and shoot height (cm) were recorded.

The seeds of two rootstocks of pistachio (Pistacia vera), Ghazvini and Badami-e-zarand, were incubated at 20 °C in the dark in a mM NaCl solution or in mM NaCl solutions amended with (50, and ) mM CaSO 4.

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Seeds were planted in pots containing a mixture of garden soil, sand and compost (1/3 v/v) to investigate the effect of calcium sulphate on plants grown under salt stress. Although there were some differences, for example, a higher fecundity on 'President', the mealybugs readily developed on all varieties, with cumulative survival rates of 71, 74, and 76% on the 'Double Red', 'Joanne' and 'President' cultivars, respectively.

Archive New pistachio varieties show promise for California cultivation Kerman’ nuts arriving from the field to the processing plant at harvest includes a relatively high percentage of nuts with no kernels (called blank nuts) and unsplit nuts containing edible kernels (called edible, closed, in-shell nuts).

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To date, these have been.

Survival percentage analysis of pistachio cultivars
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A bivariate mixed model approach for the analysis of plant survival data